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Virginia Blogger & East Coast Creative

Hi there! I'm Kris, and I'm an outdoor creator based in Northern Virginia. I'm passionate about the outdoors and enjoy sharing travel itineraries focused around hiking and outdoor adventures. I incorporate responsible recreation and good stewardship into everything I share, as it is our responsibility to protect and preserve our natural spaces.

I believe there is beauty to be found everywhere, and I've made it my mission to find it in the most unexpected places. My guides and itineraries include unique experiences, hidden gems, and underrated road trip destinations. I focus largely on my home state of Virginia, especially Shenandoah National Park. I've spent years exploring here and am committed to helping others discover the beauty of Virginia. I also create travel itineraries and hiking guides for East Coast destinations and beyond!


Kris Maria Wanders

Outdoor adventure travel on the East Coast and beyond. Check out the blog for travel itineraries and hiking guides!



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